Sunday, June 04, 2006

Ooh Some Knitting Content

But no photos...
I am currently working on the fronts and back of Jean Luc, there is a stretch of 4.5" of plain old st st that is needed on all three sections that I decided to do all at once. I promise to take photos tomorrow at knit night.

On other fronts, I attended my first TARA meeting yesterday and it was workshop with Betina Khan on conflict. I learned a lot and have several new authors to check out. I finished Lord Will, it really was like an ep of Will and Grace only with a straight will. And finished the lastest book in Mary Janice Davison's Undead series, so when the new book comes this week from Amazon I am all set to dive in. Word of warning...never read a book about Satan after reading about the devil in her books. You just can't get the image of Lena Olin with great shoes out of your mind. (Betsy Rules!) Working for the Devil by Lilith Saintcrow was not a good choice to of a read after Undead and Unreturnable. I didn't really care for the book, the cover drew me, the back cover intrigued me, the opening line hooked me (like they teach us) but then the rest of the book disappointed me. There was no happy ending which is okay and was quite understandable.

So what is next? Good question nothing until Undead and Unpopular comes out this week. I am also looking forward to Laurell's new book later this month.

On my writing, well things are going a bit slow. I tried changing POV's while it worked it was missing things that were kind of needed. I am world building and while it great telling a story from one POV you only see what she sees and that was making things hard. So back to Third Person and I just skipped chapter 1 which was not working and jumped into the main story. Chapter 1 will come to me. I don't have the hook and I think that is what the problem is.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My first Meme

I saw this on jensknits and thought how cool.

book meme

1. Total number of books I own? A lot. I never sat down and counted them to say less than my nearest county library, less than a collector, but more than the average family. I love to read and read anything appealing.

2. The last book I bought?
Almost a Goddess by Judi McCoy
. It is a great book. Very funny. I love the cover too. Basic Story: One of the Muses gets one more chance to do her job (seems Zeus has gotten all modern-computers, blogs and performance reviews) and in the process falls in love.

3. The last book I read? I won't say read because I'm still reading it but only have 20 pages left.
Lord Will and Her Grace by Sophia Nash
. It is Will and Grace set in the Regency period only Will is not gay. Jack and Karen are present too. It is a funny sweet Regency.

4. Five books that mean a lot to me? This is a hard one because I like Series

Harry Potter Series
- great writing (though lots of grammar mistakes and if I can see them...there is a reason I was an engineering major), outstanding characterization, and they suck the reader in.

Anything by Laurell K Hamilton- prefer the Merry Gentry series over Anita Blake now but I still pick them up. Great world building and characterization.

The Undead Series by Mary Janice Davidson- one of the most funny vampire series. Betsy Rules!!!

Bar Cynster
by Stephanie Laurens- Why did couldn't there been more Cynster's? Great Regency Series

I know it is only four but I can't think of a fifth series..