Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Man, it has been a busy two weeks here. First, we had Wilma come through the lower half the state. This weekend was a trip to Epcot and to a Wholesale show (not yarn...Jewelry stuff). Two things that will make your wallet leaner a trip to the House the Mouse Built and a Wholesale show. I will post the goods probably tomorrow.

Cause I got this WONDERFUL present in the mail I think it is from my SP6 judging by the note. She had someone on whip up this wonderful Hello Kitty Halloween bag. (Picture taken at the hotel this weekend). I was tempted to use it this weekend but decided it was too pretty to haul around Epcot (not to mention it would not have held everything I bought) and way to small for a wholesale show.

So instead I used to carry around my new drop spindle and some fiber.

Kam not your typical tourist.
Proof once again Kam does not justify her jewelry related purchases.
What's in the TARDIS aka Kam's new knitting carrier...You will be surprised or maybe not I was.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Waiting for something...a feeder band...some wind...maybe a little rain. So far nothing. Wilma makes land fall tomorrow and right now you would never know in my neck of the woods.

I have been working on school work trying to get ahead before I go to Ireland next month.

I have also been working on what I am going to write this year for NaNoWriMo. It is between a time travel story and an adult version of Harry Potters world kind of ...sort of is hard to explain. I will say the latter has been itching the brain more so than the former.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wilma saga continues...

Still no real clue on where she might make land fall in Florida yet. I have a crink in my neck from holding a phone receiver...they want us to call all potential customers of our unit in Florida. Mind you that that is over 400 customers and only 2 people to do the calls because of vacations and meetings. Most of our customer base is small businesses who don't have other sites. So it is just reassuring them and making some contact.

My boss said that what we were doing was a good thing because she hears us laughing with the customers and wishing them well and to be safe. She says we are showing that the bank cares. I think of it more as we as people care for others. Someone is going to get hit by this storm it might be our customers or it might be our building. It is not about them being bank customers it is about them being another living being.

If you are in the projected path of this storm. Please be safe. Remember you can replace things you can't replace a life.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Last name they planned on this is Hurricane Alpha. How strange and we still have until Dec 1 before the active season ends (though they can happen at any time). Wilma is projected to make land fall some time Saturday/Sunday in the wee hours of morning (talk about your sleepless nights) here on the West Coast of Florida-where is anyone's guess. Though most are saying it should make land fall south of Tampa. One word CHARLIE. Charlie that was suppose to come right up Tampa Bay but hit Port Charlotte instead about 2-3 hours south of Tampa Bay Area. What does all this mean? Means Ms K here is one busy camper at work. MY partner in crime is out this week, so I am busy. I was busy programming a new database. Now I am busy trying to figure out how to contact some 300 + customers about the storm (heck just make us call them all) what is another 300 customers. As well as planning recovery (more trying to figure out where or who takes home our databases), because our backup server is in Miami and our main server is about 5 miles down the road in an evac zone. Then to make it all even more exciting I am trying to get ahead in my classes in case we lose power. So what do I do...I went knitting tonight at the B&N where a really cool knitting group meets once a month. The Store Manager is a total doll, she even offered to move the big comfy chair I was sitting in when we had to move (they had some guy doing his book tour and were sitting in some section hogging space and creating a fire hazard). I had fun and got to talk with people I have not seen in a while. Tomorrow I can deal with Wilma again...sigh. One point- it seems all the hurricanes that have hit Florida this year and last year seem to hit on a weekend...Totally unfair. No free days off from work.