Sunday, May 15, 2005

SP 4-Holey Moley

We were suppose to reveal who we had and who had us at the end of April. But I was not going to be able to get my package out until early May because I was going to be on vacation. My SP4 was Kirsten from Holey Moley. Thank you so much Kirsten for all the wonderful treats and yarn. (Yes I still have Frango's left.)

Yarn for two projects I have been wanting to do Flower Basket Shawl and Clapotis. She also sent a Hello Kitty charm for a keychain, but I couldn't get a good photograph.

Fancy that she's still alive

Yes, I am still alive and kicking, though my sanity was in question for a while there. At work, we were discussing if the wards had group rates...why???

Computer refresh from hell (there is no polite way to say it).

Every 3-5 years we get new computers at work. It is suppose to be an easy process. I assume it is an easy process for all the other areas but my own.

The main reason is they ask the wrong person a badly phrased question. The question being "Do we have any special needs that they don't know about?" The person being asked the one person in my department who thinks Print Shop Pro is the end all and be all of programs. If she could do all her work in it, she would be a computer expert. Not the person to be asking in this case. She said only that we work 7 days a week (well some part of my department does). What she forgot is we have (and what the man was really asking) specialized programs, fonts, etc. All needed for our unit to function. A two day computer install took over a week to do and I had to play go between and get certain computers back to where they were. Needless to say, it was very stressful and I had just come back from the first TRUE vacation I had in two years, I was relaxed until all this.

But there have been some great moments:

Felicia from Sweetgeorgia sent me this:

Sock yarn in some of my favorite colors and a Hello Kitty Charm she picked up in Japan. Totally cool...

My SP4 sent me this from Chicago before the reveal:
I hate all mint chocolate except for Frango Mints and Summer IK which could not be found for the longest time here.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Romance....Looking for a home.

I have several romance books looking for a good home. They are mainly Joann Lindsey, Catherine Coulter and Amanda Quick. But you are interested just me an email. (it is located in in my complete profile).


Monday, May 02, 2005

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Just a quick note since this is finals week, though I will be done by Wednesday... No pictures yet but I will load them up on Wed.

Thank to my SP4 knitter and Felicia of Sweet Georgia!!

I came home from Vacation and found a package from Felicia with a Hello Kitty dangle and two skeins of sock yarn in gorgeous colors. I actually jumped around all excited- never mind I just spent 100 bucks at Fiber Arts 1st Anniversary (she only had a very small amount of sock yarn and I pretty much own 2 skeins of each).

Then today I had another prezzie from my SP4 buddy who was in Chicago...she sent me a box of FRANGO MINTS!!! I hate mints except for FRANGO MINTS!!!! I had to pull them out of the hands of my mom who LOVES Frango mints too. Plus I got the new IK Summer mag (which has been rather hard to find locally here) and a lovely birthday card...cause TODAY is My Birthday!!!

Now for the real logic final (let's see how illogical I can be).

To return back to normal services on Weds.