Sunday, February 27, 2005

I's sick...

I got sick this Friday. Started of with sniffles. So now I am coated in Vapor Rub, medicated to the gills, and remember why breathe right strips are godsent.

But with illness has come clarity on my second sock. I messed up on the toe. Well dang, knew it didn't look right. But I do not have to frog. Nope no frogging needed. Why because one of my feet my toe is more boxy than the other. So I need it more squarelike toe.

So my socks will have feet designations.

Well, things have gotten interesting. I didn't do as well as I would have liked on my Logic test...but I am sick and running a fever now. I don't think logically under the best conditions. So, this was no fun.

When I finished my test, I went back to working on my sock. And I kid you not I looked at it as said. "How do I purl?"

Then when I started I tried to turn my heel in the middle of the thing. Luckly, the yarn changing color made me realize something was wrong 5 stitches into it.

But some good news and bad news...
The Good. I am getting my Mirrix loom ( I have been wanting one for ages and I have some extra money from the car repairs that were not needed.

Ain't she lovely! Posted by Hello

Now the bad news is- they place that has the best price does not have them in stock. And the person I could get it from has it for $30 more without including tax...which translates to $30 less to spend on beads. I have waited over 2 years to buy her I think I can wait a bit longer. Though I am going to call and ask when they expect them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Construction Zone

Please wear your hard hat at all times...Beware of falling pink items.The pink was getting to me.

Now don't get me wrong I like pink...just not as a blog. It's just so perky. The pink was getting to me.

Pink has it's place...just not in my blog. The pink was getting to me.

Just a few more changes and pink will be a distant memory.
The pink was getting to me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Under Construction...

This space is under construction...please wear hard hats at all times.

I decided to change the look...the pink was getting to me. I just picked something until I could work on something better. That time has come...the pink was getting to me.

Expect changes. Hopefully, it will look better than the pink...the pink was getting to me.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Massive Update...aka got the camera working again

Huge Update in the Making...

Have camera will take tons of pics (got rechargeable batteries for it finally). Click on the image for a larger picture.

First off Sock Update:

I have done the foot of one sock and done my very first heel. I think it came out okay.

Could it be better yes, will I frog it to make it better NOO.

These are my learning pair. When I learn something new I tend not to obsess with perfection. It's the technique I am interested in.

I cast on for the other sock and is it looking better, yes. Can I live with them being odd, yes...

Mardi Gras bag Update
I have done a whopping 6 rows on it tonight.

Beading does not go fast with patterns with several colors. And this only has 20. The Trinity will have over 100. Most I have done so far has been 119 and it got ripped apart, beads sorted and will be redone- the stitch didn't suit the pattern.

Check out how stiff it is odd. There is nothing holding it open like that but beads and thread. Only with Delica beads do I get things this stiff. I could go down to a single ply of thread but I don't know about that. Usually, I don't do amulet pouches in Delicas instead I make them flat peyote instead. It is pretty light so far so I'm not to worried about the weight.

This bag.

I found her in my bead stashed tucked away waiting for me to figure out what kind of neck strap I will use. She is pretty. But I don't really care for her. Gold is not my color. Seriously, when I started beading everyone said I should sell all the bodies it was making. I hate embellishing them I like making the bodies. Mainly, because I am a minimalist at heart and some embellishments can get fufu-ie. But I like making the actual bodies. Hmmm Body Bags by Kam-Might work.

Misc Stuff:

Here is my working bead tray, I have no clue why it is still this neat. Might be because I move all the little beads back to their homes when they decide to visit. Most of my friends hate working out of trays like these. And they are the ones at the end of the night scooping up one color of beads from their velux pads. I'd like to see them try it with 20 colors.

Speaking of Beads... here is what over $300 dollars in delicas look
like...well the top layer. Not very impressive. But those are just my Delicas (at least I think that is all of them).

Knitting with beads...I have bought a kit. It was on clearance and now I see why.

They are 8/0's from the looks of it. They are laying on top of the gold bag
which is a combo of 11/0s and 6/0s

Funny: Read this comment about rough along as I have beaded I have never came across a seed bead that would cause fraying to a thread other than bugles unless they were big beads who should not be on thread. And how does one cut off a glass bead? I have busted them with pliers but never cut one off.

Also check out the thread, I have never had good results with this type of thread with normal beading (translate: Breaks, knots, etc. Avoid at all costs). So now the quest begins to find something to knit with that is not this nasty thread.

Will I ever knit a garment with No matter how many people tell me that I should. I probably won't why...beads really hate to be washed. All the really cool beads that people tend to go OOOH AHHH over have treated surfaces and those surfaces will come off with just wear. Now imagine washing them. Seriously, if you want to put beads in a garment look at them first. Make a swatch and wash it and abuse it. If the colors hold up then they should be fine. Stick to the opaque and transparent beads without surface finishes. Beads really don't like abuse.

My current favorites that I have made:

Starting at the bottom:
These beads all came from a Purple Bead Swap
Seed beads and black rice pearls
Swar. crystals ( I saw this bracelets for sale and decided to make my own)
Another caterpillar bracelets in blues and greens.

Because I can....

And she will never read it...I hope.

I am teaching my good friend (here by known as A) how to knit. A is very enthusiastic about it-translate she laughs very evilly when ever she is practicing and I am helping. It is a good sign. Unless of course one hears a loud scream...If so please come and check on me. My fingerprint kit is in my lower drawer on the left.

Now I know you are all asking yourselves why I am bringing it up.

I was at the LYS and a gentleman there was talking about how amazed he was with his wife knitting with needles that looked like tooth picks. And it jogged a memory which I just had to share.

Last year, I talked A into coming to a knit gathering at the LBS (Local Book Store). She said she didn't know how to knit. I said it would be fun and you can show off that blanket you are crocheting. We arrive and she is sitting there in awe as everyone is knitting and showing her what she is working on. Suddenly, I feel a tugging on myself. A leans over and in a not so whisper voice whispers, "Look at that!" I glance over and see a fellow knitter knitting socks on double points, incredibly fast I might add. I explain they are double pointed needles so you can work in the round. She was like Wow.

I go back to talking with someone about her project when there is a loud gasp. A exclaims "YOU CAN KNIT WITH THOSE?"
We all look over and someone had pulled out a project with some toothpicks holding her stitches along with a box.

A is looking at me wide eyed.

"You can knit with toothpicks?"

Needless to say everyone had a good laugh.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Expensive Week here...

And none of it yarn or bead related...sniff.

It started Monday when I went out to start my car and it would not start. Hmm,
tried it again nothing. Go back in call Triple A to come jump the car. First
question was "Are you in a safe place?" "Yes, though most accidents happen in
the home. So I am kind of safe."

After an hour the tow truck pulled up. On the back was a totaled pickup, I
should have taken a picture of it. It was quite the sight. From the cab back
it was fine, the front was another story. I have never seen damage like that.
The tires were pointed upwards and the front of the car had been reduced to
about 2 feet long. Turned out he was a drunk driver accident before heading
over. Luckily no one was hurt.

Ended up spending $112.00 for a new battery and an oil change. Hey I needed
one, they do it so why not.

Tuesday was a special at Elann which I have been waiting for with batted
breath. They had some Stone Cotton for less than $2.00 a skein. I had my eyes
on a color called Twilight. At 10 am, I logged on. Whoa only 23 left. So I
quickly hit the button to get 15 of them. Sorry, if you were looking at it at
the same time and didn't get it. I also picked up some cotton sock yarn they
had last week.

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Close UP

The Stone Cotton is going to be for a summer sweater. The
sock yarn for some sock pattern yet to be determined (the white is for accent in another sock I am going to be starting in the next few weeks).

Then yesterday, I was back at the auto shop to get my brakes done. When they told me it was just going to be $139 I was relieved. But decided to get new tires since they were going to have them off any how. And I had been expecting to pay a lot more for the brake job. So I came out $700 dollars poorer but I have new tires which will last a while.


The Phildar I got off an Ebay bid and got 10 balls. Posted by Hello

And I bought the Candy FX at some small yarn shop. They only had this one
ball; I only bought it so I could try to find it locally.

Close up... Posted by Hello

I am going to use the Rivage for the body of a sweater and the Candy FX for the bottom and sleeves. I don't know if I will use this shade of Candy FX or try to find something more in the blue shades.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Beads Beads and more Beads

Well, the good news is I have all but 69 colors for my new bead project...bad news is I have buy 69 colors of Delicas. Rough estimates I figure it is going to be about 100 bucks in beads. That is without the vast quantity of white luster I am going to need to do the surrounding white areas which have to be ordered from a different company to get better pricing...

Do I really need this bag is now the many hours will I have to put in to it...and most of all will someone want to buy the sucker from my very neck that night?? This are the questions that must be answered.

How much would I have to sell it for...rough estimate is around $300-$400 bucks if the loom bit works and looks good since it is less labor. Now if it was a Legolas bag I probably could get that in a flash...


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Beading Map....

Original Image Posted by Hello
Beading Map

This is the next project...knitting is going to have to slow down a bit. I have to finish this by April when Trinity is making an stop here. I know the beading map is not very impressive or very visible. I don't work from that any how, I work from a written instruction very much like knitting line by line, only instead of K2 P1 I get DB001 (54) DB002(3). Very exciting. This project is going to use some 45,000 beads give or take in some 214 colors. Lot of colors I know, means I am going to have to order some delicas. Such a trial ordering beads. Unlike most of my projects this one is going to be done on a loom ( I think I need to see if I like it) in two pieces then attached. Reason--I am hemming and hawing on a mirrex loom. So I will use what I have.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Tale of the Box...

Somewhere out in the Wild Wild West there is a SP who sent me a BOX.

The Box...
That has been calling me and taunting me all night....

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It's is open... and underneath...

OOoohhh Ahhhh
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Some lotions and body wash (I LOVE PHILOSOPHY products) in a zip lock (which has been put to use already hosting some PMC items I need to fire), a Lovely heart container, some candy and a mystery package under it.

The Goods (sorry listening to The Fully Monty)
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In the mystery package was a lovely aqua colored bag inside a pair of folding scissors, a needle holder and some stitch markers.

Stitch Markers. I love them. They are gorgeous. I love the green and blue color combination. Now I got to figure out what to make so I can use them.
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Who shall remain a mystery longer...because someone got to my package in the middle of the night and removed the postal stickers...something about me studying Crime Scene Techology and a mystery to solve. So All I know my SP is in the Wild Wild West. Which means any package I get will have the postage labels removed before I even see it. It sucks to be the last one home from work... a mystery.

Hmm next time maybe I should dust the package first.

Goodies for me...

The LYS had a 10% off last Sunday as well as a Stash Sale.

I decided to go and pick up some things for my Secret Pals as well as see what people were selling. Most of the yarn they were selling was old and things like Red Heart. Some were selling more upscale yarn but it was odd colors.

I did find Knitting on the Edge and got it for $15 bucks. The dust cover had some wear on the edges but that was all.

I picked up 2 colors of 6/o's to make a row counter bracelet, I found the pattern on line but really did not care for the style nor the fact it uses larger beads on elastic string. Mine is going to be on a narrow leather cord with the 6/o's. I will post pictures when it is complete. I need to go hunting for the leather cord in my bead room.

The Lorna's Lace yarn was not a planned buy. I have been eyeing it every time I walked into the store but it was rather pricey. But some people used that nasty peer pressure and I ended up buying it.

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Purchases from Super Bowl Sunday

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Beads for a Row Counter

Friday, February 11, 2005

Oooh the excitement...

It's like Christmas right now.

I came home from work after stopping by the LYS to pick up some things for the 2SPs I am in. To find....

A package!!!!

Sitting innocently on the kitchen table. A package beckoning me to come visit...What could it be...The Clive Owen DVD's...My new fingerprint kit...Some books on human skeleton...

No, it was none of the above though a Clive full weekend could have rocked.

No... It was from some person in the Wild Wild SP4 person.

I pick it up...I shake it...

Oooohhh...the rattle of prezzies inside.

I stare longly at it. I look at the light in the room, 'Hmm too dim.'

I go into the living room, 'Still too dim.'

Too dim to take any photos. RATS. I think would my Ott Lite work...Probably but I blew the bulb (thing is constantly on, has been for the past 10 years...Been through classes, workshops, dropped a few times and now when I need it the bulb blew but it is the original one).

I put the package down and put my digital camera next to it. I will open in the morning so I can take pictures.

I want to thank my SP for the entertainment it has provided everyone here. I keep shaking it trying to guess what is inside.

It is calling me...Beckoning me...Luring me.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Voice not needed...

That is the one great thing about the net. It is text driven. And why is this a good thing? I just about blew my voice today...I did some officer training. Spoke for over 1.5 hours non stop. Came out all raspy and sucking down hot water. Then in the car was singing along with Throughly Modern Millie and The Full Monty.

So right now I have No Voice to speak off.

Took another online thingy...

You Are From Neptune

You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability.
You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea.
Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion.
You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone.
If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything.

This might explain whenever people meet me that are into New Age they think I am a water sign. When I tell them I am an Earth sign they do this weird double take and then look like I have crushed their sign guessing abilities.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New Knit.1 on Thursday... has some previews of the new Knit.1. I have to admit I liked some of the items from the first edition mainly the patterns from the City Capers section. I am going to have to find the new addition this weekend.

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I know I will by a copy because I like this Hat but not the beaded flower thingy. I don't know if I would do it in this bright of color. But Elann's has some yarn on sale next week that I think would be perfect for it.

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Urban Cowgirl?!? she (?) is rather manly looking... When I clicked on the the preview section this picture popped up with the title Urban Cowgirls. It looks more like a cowboy than a cowgirl. Actually, if he was not blond and had short hair his face reminds me of Patrick Wilson...or it could be the fact I am listening to the Phantom of the Opera and the Full Monty soundtracks.

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Oh my what is up with that hair?!? Talk about Texas style big hair. It looks like a very whacked out mullet. My hair would laugh if I tried to do that with this pin straight hair I have. I am not crazy about what she is wearing either. Perfect if you are a hanger but if you have a bust...

First Sock

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First sock...sniff sniff

I started knitting because I wanted a Slytherin Scarf and to do beaded
knitted purses. Then I discovered all the cool socks online and decided I wanted to do a pair of socks. My AKSP bought me some gorgeous yarn, but I decided to do my first pair with the yarn above. It is going well. The cast on is a figure 8 cast on which I had to modify a bit so I could get it started. Some reason I have a hard time holding on to the needles in a car, they go flying through the air and then the great search beings (Not while I am driving mind you but in the passengers seat).

Stash 1/29

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I deserve this after a DEC meeting

This is stash additions from 1/29, I had to be in Orlando for a District
Executive Council meeting for Toastmasters. I left the meeting after lunch because I had to be some where else in the early evening. But I was able to stop by 2 stores in Winter Park. The first one I was not impressed by and picked up nothing. The second one I only picked up some sock yarn and some Lamb's Pride Bulky. I went because they were suppose to be a Rowan store. I guess if you count they had 2 pattern books and Big Wool there, then they are one. They had some nice sock yarns that I have not seen else where but I don't know if I
would go back They don't put prices on the yarn, but above the opening on a card. Sometimes several cards and you have to kind of figure it out. If you keep your store picture perfect it might work but things were not where they should have been. I would have bought more but I couldn't figure out the price on it.

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Sock Yarn upclose

It came with it's own matching reinforcement yarn.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Life is good...

My hands feel much better today and late last night I finished the knitting portions of the French Market bag and another bag I made for my cousin. Now I just have to felt the suckers. And take photos.

I did go yarn shopping mainly for my secret pals but I did pick up a few things for myself. My mom and the owner of a LYS ganged up on me and I ended up with Lorna's Laces Helena yarn (I think that is right) among other things. Pictures to come once I figure out what is going to the SPs.

And lastly, I decided I need a take a number system at work. I do database programming and am the computer guru in the department. Today I had 3 different areas needing me NOW. I kept yelling take a number. Had to prioritize the jobs, the boss had to be dealt with first. She has to do my review in the next few weeks...

Well time to CSI.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Oh my aching hands...

Very little done on the beading front or the knitting one other than stash enhancement this why are my hands hurting???

Over 100 pages of notes, 4 chapters over 250 pages of reading...on the skeletal structure of the body and the articulates. For 206 bones in a normal body, they sure have a lot of parts.

My hands are killing me from the notes, the highlighting. My brain is in overload but I did well on my test. Now excuse me while I take care of my carpals, metacarpals and phlanges...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It started one of them days...

Horrible day at work. I feel like I accomplished nothing other than a database report that was a quick throw together 5 minutes before I left.

But when I got home things my email was a wonderful e-card from my SP4. It was cute it was funny and it really cheered me up.

Thank you so much. After the day I had I needed cheering up.