Wednesday, September 20, 2006



A box from came one August afternoon

Created quite a to do that day, everyone wondering what I had

Me wondering- What did I order.

Then I opened it and YAH!!!! Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty Bathroom coming soon...we are going to remodel the
bathroom early next year. So these are in the linen closet until then.

Life in Florida with JL

First Up the Jean Luc Update

Here are some pictures of JL as of a couple weeks ago. Right now

I am seaming everything. I thought I was taking him on my trip but he will be
too warm to wear.

Life in Florida

When I wake up most of the time it is raining. Too tired to take
a picture.

When I go guessed it more rain...fancy that.

So much for the Sunshine State.

Driving home not too cloudy

Few moments later the clouds move in

the world goes dark...

Then rain...rain and yet more rain but I guess not enough for this guy.

(It was pouring out when I took it. And it rained every day that week.)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Is it Friday Yet???

It is a count down to Friday. Friday when my flight leaves for London. I can't wait. I was there last year for two days while on a trip to Ireland. I wanted to go back and decided to this year.

I am going to do the things I wanted to last year but didn't have a chance to- the Ripper tour, the V & A, and the Tower of London. Plus I am going to Bath and the Peak District.

Another reason for my visit is to get the juices going for a series of books I want to write. A set of Regency romances and ideas of writing a Regency paranormal has been floating also.

There are no pictures because I got a new digital camera and have misplaced the disk needed for the computer....grrrr.