Sunday, July 24, 2005

A wonderful gift from my SP5 person. I came early in the week, but I was late one out this week so it has been dark by the time I get home and with finals....well you understand. Posted by Picasa

Take one drop spindle class and end up with 4 spindles a week later. The one second from the left is from my AKSecretPal.The third one from the left is a cd drop spindle the teacher gave us. The other two are new additions this weekend. It seems I have a knack for lace weight, but the two original spindles were too heavy. The far right is hand painted on the top. Posted by Picasa

Sandy's Knitting had a picture of this totally goregous yarn on it. And I had to have some. I came this weekend -Furryarns. No clue what I am going to make yet, but I bought at least one of each of the colorways I was intersted in. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 23, 2005

We now return to normal programming....

I feel much better today. My best friend read my blog and called. She made a valid point on all this while cursing the school. I have a degree in Industrial Engineering I sat the EIT and never got so stressed out as I did this week about finals. Not even sitting the EIT got to me as much as this...a test which I had to sit and pass to graduate. NO Pass no graduate...

But today the mailman (it is a guy) must really be wondering what is going on...I got a SLEW of yarn from all over and a new drop spindle. Pictures will be taken tomorrow.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Stress it's a Killer...Finals Update

Well by 10:30 am, I had finished my final. Only 10 hours late, though she is not counting it against me, that is 1 hour for every question I had remaining.

I am highly pissed. I called the SO CALLED no help. Plus the kid said he just works there. To which I informed him, he is a representative of the school the only one I am talking to. Needless to say, a letter will be going to the provost and the dean of my program.

I was not able to finish the rest of my course work due today until 4:45pm, 15 minutes before it had to be in. Funny thing is we are switching from Web CT to a program called Angel-Angel is working picture perfect through out this.

I am all stressed out...looking like death warmed over (not an unusual look for me I am told). THANK THE is over for now.

And on a funny note...the heat index was 110F here in the SunShine State. Of course I had to go to the postal box barefoot...entertaining my neighbors with a modern dance routine on the way back. I always said I had high entertainment value.

New Form of Hell....


Couple days ago, the school's server went down...we are talking totally down. While normally not a big deal--IT IS WHEN IT'S FINALS WEEK!!!!!

So instead of having man power around the clock to make sure the damn thing is functioning correctly...or instead of prioritizing what is made functional at 100%, decide, at least this is what it is feeling like, to get everything functioning but the QUIZ and TEST parts of the system at 100%. You would think that SOME IDIOT would realize that during finals they would be using the QUIZ AND TEST portions MORE.

I started my final---had 10 questions left (which by some grace of god I had printed -ridge counting can not be done on a monitor easily) when guess what...IT WENT DOWN and didn't come up. Mind you they don't seem to care I only have 2 hours to take the test, nope not one care in the world. I quickly emailed the instructor who said she would not hold it against me (might have been the screen caps I sent her taken every 5 minutes to prove I could not get into the system). I get up at 4 F-ing AM on a vacation day, to attempt it again. 2 count them 1 2 questions answered and BAM guess what...DOWN Again. Go back to bed get up at 6:45am to try it again once again 2 count them 1 2 questions answered and BAM Down AGAIN. Are we seeing a pattern here. 7:10 same thing...At this rate I might be done some time Tonight.

Can I sue the school for UNDUE STRESS???

Friday, July 15, 2005

Happiness is a new Harry Potter Book

Yes, I was out at get THE BOOK. Actually I got there at 11:15pm and was fifth in line at Walmart.

I have read the first two chapters and am now going to bed since I have a drop spindle class in the morning.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

AKSP Surprise

Sorry I have not updated...last weeks of summer session. I probably would not
have posted if not for...

A WONDERFUL surprise. My AKSP knitter sent me an vague email stating to
expect not 1 but 2 packages. One from Amazon and another mystery one...Gosh
knows I love a mystery. Every night was DID I GET SOMETHING?

Well, one came Saturday...but I couldn't get any pictures, why--Hurricane Dennis...leave it to my cousin to ruin my weekend. Then yesterday, I got thesecond part a book. What has me all excited everything had to do withSPINNING....oh I am going to make some yarn. The timing was PERFECT because this Saturday I have class 1 of a 2 part class in Drop Spindle.

A large Drop Spindle, some wool, plum dye, Spin Off Magazine and Spin It book.

Very nice drop spindle---Ashford

I am holding off until my I have school work to wrap up.