Sunday, July 30, 2006

KnitPicks Strikes Again

Won't you know...after I order yesterday they come out with more goodies.

KIPer Knitting Bags: You can buy them as a set or individually. I am leaning towards the larger one and maybe the purse organizer. I don't think I would need the set. But it is tempting. I'll probably wait to see what other people think.

Yarn: Oh why now...I am trying not buy yarn did they have to release yarn that is not all pastel like.

Gloss Sock yarn with silk ooohh aaahhh. I like the woodland sage color now if they had a gray too I would be in heaven.

Swish: I love the Bordeaux shade (what is it with me and wine reds of late.?)

Then they have a lot of undyed yarn for adventures in dyeing. Sigh. So going to have to wait until I come back for England before I add to the Yarn Collection.


keri said...

thanks for the links, I love the new KIP'er bags and all the new yarn collections. I think a order to knitpicks is in order! =)

del said...

That always happens to me, too...RIGHT after I place an order. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog because I meant to order some of their new sock yarn, LOL.