Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day 1

We left for England on the 22nd. A direct flight from Tampa to Gatwick via British Airway. Flight was great-good food (color me surprised and service) plus they give you socks, a sleep mask and toothbrush and paste.

What was funny is that their movie recommends using a good moisturizer while in flight for your skin but doesn't tell you how to get it on the plane to use.

Security was tight. Tampa has the air poofers installed but only random people have to go through it, while we were there it was only men. I made it through without any problems and I was not the RANDOM passenger chosen. At the gate, I made sure my carry on would fit in the BA allowed carryon size. Question is never can I get it in the little box they have but can I get it out after cramming it in there- not a problem.

There was a sad moment, not for me but for the couple sitting next to me, they didn't speak any english but they had been over for several months visiting their daughter and granddaughter and were now returning to Albania. They had no clue what was going on and where they had to go both here in Tampa and at Gatwick. I took them under my wing and made sure they would make their connection at Gatwick and making it through the security check to get on the plane. Yes, even though we went through airport security their was another check before going on the plane. Something TIA is not really set up for but managed to pull it off without delaying the flight.

The only pictures are of some decorated manatees that I thought were cute. (Click to make larger)

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