Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I got an RAOK from the Fiber RAOK list--several people have emailed me and said some very nice things about my blog- thank you very much for the kindness and the invite to join.

Mary Ella Paging Mary Ella
After I saw Cathi's Mary Ella (
In the Pink), I knew i had to make one.
The beads I had bought in Savannah last October. I actually was making something else with them but decided this would be better. They are Czech Beads (love hanks man) in teal lined in Silver and DMC Perle Cotton 8 in Black.

Oooh Pretty.

Bead Knitting Tip #1:
Most bead knitting instructions call for you to tie the string from the hank to the thread you are going to knit with (why I don't know). Instead invest in a big eye needle--with this time of needle the eye runs the entire length (no trouble putting the thread through that hole). Then slide them into the beads and then slide them off the hank string. The needle will abuse the thread a bit but there is less frustration and less bead spillage this way. Just make sure your beads can fit over the needle and onto the thread.

My rather deformed needle...(it's by Darice)

The Surprise:

Surprise!! Kam is a very unhappy beader. I really don't care for one part
that has been woven so I am going to do the beading version of frogging and rework it. Just need to find some graph paper first. :(

This offends me.

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