Sunday, May 15, 2005

SP 4-Holey Moley

We were suppose to reveal who we had and who had us at the end of April. But I was not going to be able to get my package out until early May because I was going to be on vacation. My SP4 was Kirsten from Holey Moley. Thank you so much Kirsten for all the wonderful treats and yarn. (Yes I still have Frango's left.)

Yarn for two projects I have been wanting to do Flower Basket Shawl and Clapotis. She also sent a Hello Kitty charm for a keychain, but I couldn't get a good photograph.

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Tess said...

Hi I happened upon your blog and had a question on the beads. I would like to buy some to make some pulsewarmers but don't know what size to get. I'm not familiar with seed beads at all so if you can lend me some info I'l appreciate it. Thanks.