Tuesday, April 11, 2006

To make Chibisan Knits happy...

My first blog post in forever in a day...

What has been happening-
March is a blur in put into place a new production database at work created and programmed by moi and lets just say it was a stressful month. This was aided by a lead who just can't seem to understand I can control the database I can't control the speed the network is at nor can I explain things that go wrong when 1. It can't be reproduced and 2. I was not anywhere around and you banged on the keyboard until it went away.

Things have gotten better though. Of course once all the stress was gone I got a sinus thing going on for a couple a days aka the sick vacation days. I took 2 days off and rested and felt much better for it- of course it is not like I could have driven to work with vertigo (why yes that is my face imprint on the wall there).

Knitting: I have finished 2 panta (love these head bands perfect headbands...I heart Panta), the Kiri Shawl (ooooh never again never in beige), and Jaywalker (I managed to finish as the flame was being put out then realized I wanted them taller. So needless to say they are on the needles but put to the side because above said database. I have been spending a lot of time helping new knitters and chatting with my two knitting buddies L and A.

School: I am doing okay but totally not motivated. One class we are using the exact same book as an Intro class and going over the EXACT same material...not too exciting. And my other class is a photography class but not for beginners but doesn't require you to take an intro photo class...lucky for me I have a good camera and a good photography store near by with a REALLY BRILLIANT guy running it who answers and helps when I get confused.

Writing: Hello Romantic Times Convention and pre convention- This is the year I get serious about my writing and going for it. So if someone wants to read rough drafts drop me a line. It is romance along the lines of what Ellora's Cave sells. My main concern right now is- is the story enjoyable.

Well...that is all that has been going on in my world for the past few months. I promise to post more often...with something. Though I don't think you would find me going on and on about blood splatter very interesting (oh the joys of research papers).

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