Sunday, January 15, 2006


Over a month since my last entry, truly it was not my fault.

Seems I mangled my elbow and forearm muscles when I came back from vacation. It was so bad just stretching my arm out was a 10 minute act with gritted teeth. I could barely do my job let alone knit or write. I could do some wire work since I use my left arm for that mainly over my right (which was the injured party). No I didn't go to the doctor, mainly I thought it was because I over used it at work (I was doing some Data Entry for another area in my department when this all developed). I thought if I relaxed and did nothing it would help since I had several vacation days and a week off during the month.

Well, the days off didn't really help too much...but tripping over my mom's cat sure did the trick. I caught myself on a cabinet with my sore arm and jammed something back into place. Now I can move my arm comfortably but there is some lingering weakness when I over do it.

I would rate myself at a 98% back to normal. At least I can knit.

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RheLynn said...

Ouch! *shivers at the thought* I hope you are on the mend now!