Saturday, March 24, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

This week was a so so week for me. Not much writing going on (had a Brit Lit paper to write about Comparing 2 poems one from the Romantic era and the other Victorian). I did do some knitting though. I am working on this Laines Du Nord scarf and a pair of socks from VK. I also cast on for Pomatomus and for a felted purse.

My guilty pleasures for the week have included listen to Tokio Hotel, a German band, and Blood Ties on Lifetime.

Blood Ties are based on a series of books by Tanya Huff. The books were good but the show is 100x better. There is something about seeing these characters on the screen that captures me in a way the books were not able too. I hope Tanya will write in this world again. (Maybe I should try reading them again.)

Tokio Hotel is a boy band from Germany. I surprisingly remember enough German to understand what they are singing about and the songs are very good. Now they have recorded some of them in English but they loose something in the translation. Rette Mich and Spring Nicht are my favs by them.

Ahh Guilty Pleasures we all need them.

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Rori said...

YAY! Tokio Hotel.

If you ever want to indulge even more, there is a good English speaking forum at

I am crazy for those boys. Especially the twins.