Sunday, March 25, 2007

The OMG Moment

This week I just started listening to the Stash and Burn Podcast, like Jenny and Nicole I decided to sit down and update my yarn stash spread sheet...well for the yarns I could find-since I have a bad habit of leaving them in bags and putting in strange places. Not that I am trying to hide them or anything I just tend to misplace things easily.

TOTAL YARDS: 111,388.5 yards.

OMG how did this happen...I have no will control when it comes to yarn. What is scary is that I can tell you what project I bought every skein for.

Anyone have a Bond knitting machine that they would like to go to a good home. I think I am going to need it.

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Chibisan said...

Who was waiting??? The craft stores didn't have any! Michael's was the first (maybe the only)to have it, and charge more than Joann's.