Thursday, December 27, 2007

Will you look at that.

I am still alive...I have been rather busy but we all say that.

Since I last posted, I have made what is turning into the yearly trip to the Isles-this time Ireland. More on that later (man you take over 1000 pics getting them ready takes along time). But in the mean time-knitting!

I got some of that ultra coshie goodness Malabrigo Merino. I only bought two skeins but I should be enough to do Shifting Sands.

While I was in Ireland, I started Clapotis again. And well, it is going to be really long. I had started the decrease rows and realized that I was no where near the end of the third ball. So I pulled back. I have four balls of this yarn and there will be no returning an unused ball to stash.

Couple days before Christmas, I got on this must make presents for next year. No one got any knitting gifts...actually I usually don't give handmade gifts for Christmas. But by golly that is changing this coming year. I found this yarn in my stash but not recorded (hmm how did that happen), I think it will make a nice scarf for one of the guys in the group or for a friend who is really into camo. It is the Mistake Rib pattern...very nice but man a yarn eater.

Also in my stash was was Microspun by Lion Brand. I had enough to do the body of Knitty's Mariposa, so with Joann coupons and mother in hand I picked up to purple ones for the trim.

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