Friday, June 08, 2007

Hello from the lost blogger...

Not only a post but a post with photos!

Imagine my surprise walking into Staples and discovering they are going to be carrying RollaBind Products. It is the same product as Circa byLevengers only no shipping. It hasn't come in on time but I can get some refill paper at least.

I picked up some other things including a Franklin planner that was on clearance. I really got it for the binder for myDIY Planner


One of the cutes things I picked up was this little notebook of graph paper.

On the knitting front:


My Knit Picks needle separated from the cord. Lucky me, only 10 stitches went off and I had some watch glue to fix it at home. Good as new but still...

I was going through some old notebooks and found this. I have no clue what I was trying to design or when-some piece of jewelry.

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Michelle said...


I found you via an old Hello Kitty knitalong blog from 2005 - by any chance do you have any Hello Kitty patterns or knitting charts you could share with me? I tried emailing the blog owner but haven't heard from her. I would like to adapt the HK chart into a scarf or poncho for my friend.

Thank you!!