Friday, July 22, 2005

Stress it's a Killer...Finals Update

Well by 10:30 am, I had finished my final. Only 10 hours late, though she is not counting it against me, that is 1 hour for every question I had remaining.

I am highly pissed. I called the SO CALLED no help. Plus the kid said he just works there. To which I informed him, he is a representative of the school the only one I am talking to. Needless to say, a letter will be going to the provost and the dean of my program.

I was not able to finish the rest of my course work due today until 4:45pm, 15 minutes before it had to be in. Funny thing is we are switching from Web CT to a program called Angel-Angel is working picture perfect through out this.

I am all stressed out...looking like death warmed over (not an unusual look for me I am told). THANK THE is over for now.

And on a funny note...the heat index was 110F here in the SunShine State. Of course I had to go to the postal box barefoot...entertaining my neighbors with a modern dance routine on the way back. I always said I had high entertainment value.

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