Wednesday, July 13, 2005

AKSP Surprise

Sorry I have not updated...last weeks of summer session. I probably would not
have posted if not for...

A WONDERFUL surprise. My AKSP knitter sent me an vague email stating to
expect not 1 but 2 packages. One from Amazon and another mystery one...Gosh
knows I love a mystery. Every night was DID I GET SOMETHING?

Well, one came Saturday...but I couldn't get any pictures, why--Hurricane Dennis...leave it to my cousin to ruin my weekend. Then yesterday, I got thesecond part a book. What has me all excited everything had to do withSPINNING....oh I am going to make some yarn. The timing was PERFECT because this Saturday I have class 1 of a 2 part class in Drop Spindle.

A large Drop Spindle, some wool, plum dye, Spin Off Magazine and Spin It book.

Very nice drop spindle---Ashford

I am holding off until my I have school work to wrap up.

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Kirsten said...

What a lovely (and timely!) SP gift!! Enjoy learning your new hobby! Glad Dennis didn't trouble you *too* much.....