Thursday, September 15, 2005

The BIG Reveal

I am so Sorry I have not post in what seems forever. I have been working on 2 different projects for work and school is back in session.

I did get my final gift from my SP5 person. Jessica from Show Me Your Knits


She sent me a book on Ireland, some Hello Kitty mints (in the first pic) and best of all she knitted me a purse and SOCKS!!.

The socks fit like a dream and are safely hidden away until it gets cooler (90 degrees is too hot for any sock). My mom was around when I opened them. I think she might make a move steal them. She was going hmm hmm very pretty I really like that color way can I see them closer. She has never said that about any yarn I have gotten (she knits too). I will have to watch these socks like a hawk when she comes around.

I have never had anyone knit anything for me in a long long time (since I was a very small child). Thank you Jessica. I loved everything you sent and loved the little notes. And what makes this even more special is the time you invested to give me this gifts and the gift of time is the most precious thing.

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