Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ennui...feeling of weariness and dissatisfaction

How I love that word, problem is during Sept I seem to suffer greatly from it. I am tired all the time and have not one gram of creativity in me.
I have not done very much knitting or jewelry. It is hard to get motivated to just get up and go to work. Work is not as productive (well that and the monster headache Rita thought I should have).

I usually snap out of it mid October. Usually because I am getting ready for NaNoWriMo.

My Secret Pal asked some questions and I thought I would share the answers with everyone.

was wondering, do enjoy coffee or teas?
I love both equally.

regular or decaf?
Regular...caffeine is my friend.

do you have a favorite?
Coffee: Starbucks as all my friends know- I have about 300 dollars in GC from there for coffee from by Birthday.
Tea: Oolong is my favorite.

what do you do for a living?
I work in banking (Very large institution) as a departmental programmer and db admin.

I know you must be a very busy gal, you don't seem to post much in your journal. it looks like perhaps you're a student?
I am a student as well as working full time

or a teacher?
I do teach but not school related things. Usually some jewelry related classes.

Other things:
I am a writer who is working on her second book which will be a cross of Anita Blake meets CSI. It is set in New Orleans in the near future (Katrina made me rethink setting there but I decided to continue on). I will reveal more details if anyone is interested. I have been published for writing naughty fics in my late teens early twenties.

I want to study Forensic Anthropology. The one thing holding me back is fear...mainly because I have a good job but one that I have to be where I am to do. I can do so many other things (there is alphabet soup after my name because of my certifications). I am usually a go do it kind of gal but this no so much even though I do want it badly.

I am a peacock (some relationship class for work taught me that) you can be a dove, an owl, an eagle or a peacock. Everyone thought I would be an Eagle or near the border of being a Peacock/Eagle. I surprised everyone. I am WAY OUT there in Peacock land. Almost off the scale.

I hate it when people get error messages at work but don't read the screen when all it is asking is do you want to repair the database. Instead they come running to me going something is wrong with the database.

I hate it even more when they get a serious error message and just start hitting enter until it goes away. Creating even bigger problems.

I hate people get into classes and have to ask the teacher how to turn on the bloody computer, when I spent two hours begging to be let in the same class. It was a web design class, I have had sites listed as sites of the day on the net and in publications for design and I have to beg to be in a design class? (Oddly, one of my first listings was the Wall Street Journal site of the day go fig.)

I have the best mom in the world. She always encourages me to do things I want to try but is practical about it. I told her I wanted to try drop spinning she said great just don't get a wheel you have too much on your plate. She also picks up my hobbies so we can do things together. She was also the mom, when I was showing horses, up at 2 am, at the barn with me at 3 am, on the show grounds taking care of my horse when I was riding others for hours on end and never complained. She was not the mom who dropped me off and showed up at the show grounds at a REASONABLE TIME. She was the one who held my horse when he had to have surgery, even though she was scared of him and I was out of state. She was the one who while on her vacation bought my horse a contoured sweat scrapper because she thought the design was so much better even though it cost 10 bucks and my $1 one worked fine. She was the one who took care of everything when my horse died on July 2, 1992 and I was an emotional wreck. She was the one who paid my bills while I was trying to function after that loss. She is my best friend and I would miss her more than anything if she went away.

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worldfleece said...

thank you for sharing - you truly are a remarkable woman =)