Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween

Man, it has been a busy two weeks here. First, we had Wilma come through the lower half the state. This weekend was a trip to Epcot and to a Wholesale show (not yarn...Jewelry stuff). Two things that will make your wallet leaner a trip to the House the Mouse Built and a Wholesale show. I will post the goods probably tomorrow.

Cause I got this WONDERFUL present in the mail I think it is from my SP6 judging by the note. She had someone on whip up this wonderful Hello Kitty Halloween bag. (Picture taken at the hotel this weekend). I was tempted to use it this weekend but decided it was too pretty to haul around Epcot (not to mention it would not have held everything I bought) and way to small for a wholesale show.

So instead I used to carry around my new drop spindle and some fiber.

Kam not your typical tourist.
Proof once again Kam does not justify her jewelry related purchases.
What's in the TARDIS aka Kam's new knitting carrier...You will be surprised or maybe not I was.

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Chibisan said...

Love the Hello Kitty bag, naturally!! It was time you updated.