Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wilma saga continues...

Still no real clue on where she might make land fall in Florida yet. I have a crink in my neck from holding a phone receiver...they want us to call all potential customers of our unit in Florida. Mind you that that is over 400 customers and only 2 people to do the calls because of vacations and meetings. Most of our customer base is small businesses who don't have other sites. So it is just reassuring them and making some contact.

My boss said that what we were doing was a good thing because she hears us laughing with the customers and wishing them well and to be safe. She says we are showing that the bank cares. I think of it more as we as people care for others. Someone is going to get hit by this storm it might be our customers or it might be our building. It is not about them being bank customers it is about them being another living being.

If you are in the projected path of this storm. Please be safe. Remember you can replace things you can't replace a life.


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