Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Last name they planned on this is Hurricane Alpha. How strange and we still have until Dec 1 before the active season ends (though they can happen at any time). Wilma is projected to make land fall some time Saturday/Sunday in the wee hours of morning (talk about your sleepless nights) here on the West Coast of Florida-where is anyone's guess. Though most are saying it should make land fall south of Tampa. One word CHARLIE. Charlie that was suppose to come right up Tampa Bay but hit Port Charlotte instead about 2-3 hours south of Tampa Bay Area. What does all this mean? Means Ms K here is one busy camper at work. MY partner in crime is out this week, so I am busy. I was busy programming a new database. Now I am busy trying to figure out how to contact some 300 + customers about the storm (heck just make us call them all) what is another 300 customers. As well as planning recovery (more trying to figure out where or who takes home our databases), because our backup server is in Miami and our main server is about 5 miles down the road in an evac zone. Then to make it all even more exciting I am trying to get ahead in my classes in case we lose power. So what do I do...I went knitting tonight at the B&N where a really cool knitting group meets once a month. The Store Manager is a total doll, she even offered to move the big comfy chair I was sitting in when we had to move (they had some guy doing his book tour and were sitting in some section hogging space and creating a fire hazard). I had fun and got to talk with people I have not seen in a while. Tomorrow I can deal with Wilma again...sigh. One point- it seems all the hurricanes that have hit Florida this year and last year seem to hit on a weekend...Totally unfair. No free days off from work.

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