Sunday, November 20, 2005


Well, I made it home last night. Around 11pm, after being up since 4 am (Ireland time). It was a long day starting with a drive from Knocktopher to Shannon but driving in the early morning is the best in Ireland because the roads are not congested and you safely go through towns without people darting across the street.

I am currently downloading the photos and will be posting them through out the week. I just need to get them organized.

Plans are already being made to go back, to see things we didn't have time for and another longer trip to London and a couple days in Paris. I was very upset to find out that there were Jack the Ripper tours while we were there but our information before hand only said they were done on the weekends. I was also inspired by the novel muses and have an outline of another book.

And yes I bought yarn...more about that too.


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