Saturday, November 05, 2005

What's in your Knitting Bag??

This is my new knitting bag...looks like luggage don't it. But too big to fit in the overhead...RATS!

This is it opened. I really dig the pink stripes. Look it is full already.

I have to admit I just dumped what was in my two knitting bags into this one. But did some organization at the hotel last weekend (No CourtTV on the tv. Means no so cool shows like Forensic Files and all that).

What is in your knitting bag???

This is a picture of mine. Here is the list

  • 6 Skeins of Berroco Cotton Twist
  • 1 Ball of Gioco
  • 1 ball of Eros
  • 1 skein of Trendsetter Segue
  • 1 ball of Eros and Flirt wound together
  • Set of Denise Interchangeable
  • 2 balls of Eros and eyelash wound together
  • Lantern Moon Sheep Tape Measurer
  • Joann's Sheep Tape Measurer
  • 2 gauge markers
  • my knitting supply kit (holds needles, scissors, stitch markers, and
  • stitch holders)
  • 2 balls of Koigu KPPPM
  • Calculator
  • Notebook
  • Wine carrier for my straight needle
  • Pencil case for my double points
  • Noro 18
  • Laines Du Nord #2
  • Vogue Knitting Fall 2005
  • Shapely Tank Pattern

Here are some close ups of the Pencil Case and Wine Carrier. I have to say they work rather well for holding needles.


  • Shapely Tank -Burple Sweater

  • Ruffle Purse (own design)

  • Pair of ankle socks

  • Kiri (thrown in there in disgust)

  • Ribbon Shawl
  • Harry Potter Slytherin Scarf

  • Vogue Knitting Fall 05 Arm Warmers

  • Furry Scarf

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Mandy said...

Hi Kim,
I was just wondering if you got the HP pattern and stitch markers I sent you :)