Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Okay, hopefully y'all did your homework assignment...now imagine 120 dollars worth of yarn. Any kind of yarn...heck roving if that is what floats your boat.

Now check out what $120 in Swarovski 5040 Crystal looks like.

Sorry the picture is not to hot. It is raining and dark here. And you can't see my glass cup by a local glass
artist in the back clearly. Yes that is a AA battery for scale (I though the Crime Scene Rulers would freak some out).

Shocking ain't it and that is just above wholesale or at wholesale prices.

The funny thing is...I can look at a project and say need 10 skeins of yarn that would come out to the same price and I will talk myself out of it. When it comes to beads...well I have no qualms about forking over the money. Mind you Swarovski is on the high end of beads.

I had one person tell me that Michael's sells Swarovski knock offs that are just as nice...NOPE. So not true. Swarovski's in true daylight will sparkle almost like a diamond. No crystal looks like a Swarovski.


Cathi said...

When I first saw the pic, I was thinking 'That's not bad. Not 10 sks of yarn, but not bad.' Then I read, and realized there was a battery in there (I guess my eye just skipped over it...)...I bet you can still make several items with those beads, though, right?

Chibisan said...

Hey, Kim...where's your stash enhancement?? I wanna see what you got. No, it wasn't the Dunedin shop. It was the St Pete one--old grouchy woman!

Danielle said...

As beader and a knitter think of knitting with those.. that would ouch because of course you have to get yarn that matches the beads.

O but the beauty. Michaels doesn't compare! Hello we are talking Swaravski here!