Sunday, August 07, 2005

Day 1 of the Yarn Diet...

I have gone on a yarn diet...the stash has gotten a tad to big and needs to be tamed.
But the main reason is I bought my tickets for Ireland for Nov. and the check book groaned. I think this had to do with I have also just paid my fall tution.

So I'm on a yarn diet. Thankfully everything I wanted to start next has already been purchased, now I just need to get started.

Sorry no pictures but I have been working on a baby shower gift...I thought I had more time. Until the person in question thought she went into labor on Monday and got rushed to the hospital only to find out it was a UTI. I guess that was a given since the baby is 9 lbs already and this girl has a month to go. Needless to say they are going to induce in a week so the shower got moved up. So the only thing I have been working on has been a baby jacket. I'm on the last two inches of the back

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