Monday, August 08, 2005

You know your work day is going to heck in a hand basket when...

You walk in and 5 people are surrounding the production floor computer and the person sitting at the keyboards doesn't know anything about databases and how they work...

It was a long day. My mind is goo. Not good goo at that. I still can not figure out what happened or why (besides the fact that certain people should not be in our databases). And worse of all they are looking for someone to blame...blame the person who let a certain person on a computer.

I knew someone was playing in something, while trying to pull a report the dates mysteriously disappeared for all of August while I was scrolling through the list trying to find the date I needed.

Tomorrow does not look any better since I will have to try to recreate the problem to prevent the problem in the future. Which usually will not work because soon as I figure out what they did and prevent it from happening they find a new and even more inventive way to kill the database.

Knitting stuff tomorrow I promise.

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