Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Hotness known as Patrick Wilson

I have joined the converts of Patrick Wilson. He was Raoul in the movie version of Phantom of the Opera.

I am also a resident of the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, home of John Wilson...Patrick's dad. John is an anchor on a local station here with his middle son Mark.

Well, last night Patrick and the Wilson family had their benefit with funds going to the Hurricane Fund here in Florida.

John and Mary K Wilson are very important to our community because of all the wonderful work they do. They donate their time and their talent to help our community and the local arts- raise money for different projects and to help raise awareness.

Patrick suggested the event and John and Mary K helped organize it.

It was heavenly getting to hear Patrick sing not only songs from Phantom but also from the Full Monty and Oklahoma (both musicals led to Tony Nominations for him) live.

What was also special was the entire Wilson Family was on stage. Something that has not happened in many, many moons.

Mark Wilson told funny stories of growing up a Wilson. He said for the longest time he was known as John Wilson's son. Now, he is known as Patrick Wilson's brother. He is also the only family member who does not sing, it seems. He also mentioned what wonderful parents they have and how supportive they were. These feelings were echoed by Patrick and the eldest son, Paul. Mark also mentioned how lucky he was to be able to work with his father in not only the same market but at the same station.

The eldest son, Paul, is also a singer and local actor. He sang Sinatra songs and was quite good.

John and Mary K sang but their voices have changed (or Mary K was underweather, she just couldn't hit the notes like she use to). They use to sing songs from Phantom but they left it to Patrick and his guest this time around.

Below is a photo I took. It is not a good one, you can barely see them but when you are third row back from the back of the hall one can not expect a lot. I was amazed I was allowed to take them.

Left to Right: Mark, John, Mary K, Patrick, Sara Bell, and Paul

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