Friday, January 21, 2005

Just a some rants...

First off:
Beyond Borders got it for Clive. Love Angie but Clive causes tingles-always a good thing. It sucked...not as bad as Ghosts of Mars but high up there. Even the hottie Clive could not save it. Ending was a total cop out in my eyes. King Arthur was better than this.

Non knitting or beading moments: I volunteered to organize Officer Training for 2 Toastmasters Divisions since I am an Area Governor. So it has been paperwork city with registrations and scheduling speakers. This translates into me not doing creative endeavors. My knitting time has been reduced to lunch and red lights while in rush hour (About a 2 mile stretch of road takes almost 20 minutes in the morning). Beading is so not portable, small expensive beads fly rather easily. And worse of all No WRITING...uuuuggggghhhhh.

Plus side, tomorrow it is all a distant memory.

Well, back to making name tags and flyers.

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