Thursday, January 20, 2005

You could never tell I have an Engineering Degree

Honestly, I do...Industrial Engineering to be exact. But I am not a practicing engineer. I work in banking as a programmer.

I have been making the French Market bag as seen on I have been chugging away at the bottom of the bag. "44 inches...44 inches" been going through my mind.

Yesterday at lunch, I looked at my yarn and said to my friend, "I don't think I have enough..." She agreed,"Nope, does not look like you will have enough for 44 inches diameter."

Well, today I am at lunch knitting away on the French Market bag and reading the instructions for the first time since starting this. "44 inches circumference..."

Wait 44 inches circumference?

Read it again sure enough it is the circumference not the diameter. I really did know this but some how from the time I started and figured out the pattern from 8 to 200 stitches. The circumference became diameter.

Needless to say I have enough yarn.

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