Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Stash additions

I finally found my digital camera. One moment the camera is there next I am trying to figure out where I last saw it. So I thought I would take some pictures of some additions to the beading stash (which does not really need more but who can resist beads...must have beads) and add some to the yarn stash (which is really not a stash compared to the beads).

First photo is some new seed beads I bought from Jane's Fiber and Beads. She has the best prices and color selections for Japanese seed beads. I really should take a new picture flash and plastic tubes have issues with each other.

They were not purchased for any project. I just liked them.


Next set pictures are what I am currently beading, unlike my knitting I tend to work only on one beading project at a time. I have a lot more to bead.

Please note how neat my bead trays are...they will not look like this much longer.

Now to the knitting additions.
I don't call them a stash because I am so new to knitting I buy what I need for a project. What I have purchased that is not project selected can fit in a mixing bowl. I know you are saying Kammie sweetheart that is a stash. Compared to the beading stash, it is not a stash (so there.)

Clockwise from the left:

Trendsetter's Fireworks in teals and purples, 2 balls of Tivoli's Cotton Chenille Yarn in black, Schachenmayr Brazilia Fantasy Color in 386 (shade of pink with a dark purple pink) and Trendsetter's Voila in Black.

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