Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Still Alive...they have not won yet...

I think I caused some heart attacks at work...part of my job is to resolve and write up any errors the floor makes. Since I was helping clear the back log on the floor on top of my own job, things have been resolved but not written up. Yesterday, I spent 4 hours researching and writing up the errors and informational. I am sure the floor would have preferred me helping them again but you can only put off for so long.

Today, I spent programming and reworking a database. What I love to do actually so it is not really a chore. If they would let me do just that the world would be a happier place.

Now for the knitting content of the blog:

Interweave has their Fall preview up. I love the cabled shrug, the Union Square Market Sweater and the Chenille Cutaway Jacket. But it is hard to tell what some of the others look like with the pictures they post online.

Phildar also has new stuff up according to Felicia. I didn't look around much other than the pattern she liked. I like their yarn, it is just so hard to get here in the States.

Tomorrow it is sit and knit night at one of the LYS. They expanded a couple months ago, so there is a lot more room for everyone. Since I am off Friday, I will be dragging my current project on over along with some books and Rowan Mags for a friend to check out.

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