Monday, June 27, 2005

Today is a good day...

First, a good friend called and asked what beading mags I got and the other ones I liked but did not get via Subscription. I told her I got everything I am really interested in getting. Then she goes what about knitting...ooohhh. So I am now the happy subscriber to Interweave Knits.

Then, I get home and there is a present from Parikha who I had as a SP4 person to spoil. Out of which she made me a scarf out of some mohair I had sent her. I did not get a good photo of it but I will try tomorrow. THANK YOU!!!! I had a fun time buying stuff for her, though it is totally her fault I am hooked on LUSH products now but forgive her for that.

Lastly, there was another package BEADS!!!!!!!!!!! It is from a crystal buy I was part of...tomorrow I will have pics. So in your mind imagine $125 dollars worth of yarn and how the yarn that would look like all piled up (now don't go picking the expensive stuff). Tomorrow you will see how much $125 dollars worth of crystals look like (kind of depressing but oh well).

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