Saturday, March 05, 2005

Books are Great...Surprise ones are even better...

There were many surprises in my mail yesterday.

First some Nancy A. Collins books I had ordered through Amazon Market Place. Nancy has created one of the best vampires out there: Sonja Blue. Sonja is not no run of the mill vampire, her creator left her for dead and infected to become a vampire. But modern medicine stepped in and saved her or did they.

Instead Sonja is only half way infected. She has two sides in battle: one is the person she has become a mixture of her vampire and original self and the Other, the demon locked within her. I was attracted by the covers of the original books and have them all plus the newer re-releases.
Also Sonja in the second book has one of the best lines. "Daylight Phooey."

This time around I got two books I did not have:

Dead Roses is a series of short stories and Darkest Heart takes of the short stories and extends it.

I also got:

I know it is not everyone's cup of tea but I am studying Crime Scene Technology. I have to admit I read it last night all the way through. It is about time of death and the history of how the knowledge of determining it came to be. It centers a lot on insects towards the end because they have a set time period and arrival times. And because of known insect behaviors they can account for weather conditions and the likes to adjust times.

But the best surprise was a book sitting on the table. A book that has been mysteriously left there. One that had been intercepted before I could open it.

It had a little post it note on it. My mom had gotten it and she had opened it thinking it was hers. (My wishlist has her name on it for some strange reason probably because she changed my name to her name at one point for an order when we shared an account.)

She realized it was probably from one of my Secret Pals or a friend. She didn't recognize the name so she thought it best if didn't see the packaging and all that.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This was a great way to end a stressful Mid Term week. I already picked out two scarves I want to make and a shawl.

Update: My AK Secret Buddy sent this. Thank you so much. I love scarves even in Florida. They are practical in my office where I am always cold.

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Anonymous said...

Your AKSP sent the scarf book! The AKSP has been wanting it too and then it was spied on your wish list it was a must send.