Saturday, March 19, 2005

Working towards Spring Break...

No pictures today...not much knitting going on to say honestly. I have been working on finishing the few assignments and online quizzes, so I can enjoy doing no school work next week. That and watching slash song vids while reading slashy fanfic. Life is good.

Of course it is, I survived my Area Contest for the most part. The contest was Wednesday it went rather smoothly considering I had a panic attack at 2 am thinking I did not book the auditorium. The librarian had a good chuckle, since I booked it over 4 months ago.

The trophy place managed to get the name plates on the correct trophies, really who gives a second place trophy bigger than the first place trophy. They, however, messed up on the logo. The trophies are being fixed. Everyone took it in stride, we were not struck by a tornado and only got a bit wet.

Work continues to be work, though everyone is on pins and needles (not of a good kind) because there is suppose to be another round of job cuts. Though it makes you wonder how they expect work to be done with no one to do it. I guess accuracy and efficiency are not really standards and courtesy seems to be flying out the window in some areas, but it is a nice show.

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