Tuesday, February 08, 2005

First Sock

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First sock...sniff sniff

I started knitting because I wanted a Slytherin Scarf and to do beaded
knitted purses. Then I discovered all the cool socks online and decided I wanted to do a pair of socks. My AKSP bought me some gorgeous yarn, but I decided to do my first pair with the yarn above. It is going well. The cast on is a figure 8 cast on which I had to modify a bit so I could get it started. Some reason I have a hard time holding on to the needles in a car, they go flying through the air and then the great search beings (Not while I am driving mind you but in the passengers seat).

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Anonymous said...

Sock is looking goooood!! Your recent stash additions gave me more ideas on what colors you like......and I agree that Cowgirl is odd. (If she was looking straight at the camera I bet she would look a lot different......so much for trying to be arty!) Keep an eye on your mailbox my dear, something is going in the mail tomorrow!
Take care, Your Secret Pal