Sunday, February 06, 2005

Oh my aching hands...

Very little done on the beading front or the knitting one other than stash enhancement this why are my hands hurting???

Over 100 pages of notes, 4 chapters over 250 pages of reading...on the skeletal structure of the body and the articulates. For 206 bones in a normal body, they sure have a lot of parts.

My hands are killing me from the notes, the highlighting. My brain is in overload but I did well on my test. Now excuse me while I take care of my carpals, metacarpals and phlanges...

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the test! Hope your hands are back to knitting and beading soon. A couple of questions:
1) How do you feel about knitting lace?
2) What kind of Broadway shows do you like? (Older shows, movie musicals, new Broadway - Hairspray, Rent, Phantom etc.)
3) Are you opposed to wool, alpaca, etc. for use in shawls, wraps, etc? (Because you are in FL...)

Have a great week!!
Take care, Your SP4