Sunday, February 20, 2005

Expensive Week here...

And none of it yarn or bead related...sniff.

It started Monday when I went out to start my car and it would not start. Hmm,
tried it again nothing. Go back in call Triple A to come jump the car. First
question was "Are you in a safe place?" "Yes, though most accidents happen in
the home. So I am kind of safe."

After an hour the tow truck pulled up. On the back was a totaled pickup, I
should have taken a picture of it. It was quite the sight. From the cab back
it was fine, the front was another story. I have never seen damage like that.
The tires were pointed upwards and the front of the car had been reduced to
about 2 feet long. Turned out he was a drunk driver accident before heading
over. Luckily no one was hurt.

Ended up spending $112.00 for a new battery and an oil change. Hey I needed
one, they do it so why not.

Tuesday was a special at Elann which I have been waiting for with batted
breath. They had some Stone Cotton for less than $2.00 a skein. I had my eyes
on a color called Twilight. At 10 am, I logged on. Whoa only 23 left. So I
quickly hit the button to get 15 of them. Sorry, if you were looking at it at
the same time and didn't get it. I also picked up some cotton sock yarn they
had last week.

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Close UP

The Stone Cotton is going to be for a summer sweater. The
sock yarn for some sock pattern yet to be determined (the white is for accent in another sock I am going to be starting in the next few weeks).

Then yesterday, I was back at the auto shop to get my brakes done. When they told me it was just going to be $139 I was relieved. But decided to get new tires since they were going to have them off any how. And I had been expecting to pay a lot more for the brake job. So I came out $700 dollars poorer but I have new tires which will last a while.

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Anonymous said...

I promise I have not forgotten about you my dear!!! Your recent purchases look lovely and I think I "get" you on your color choices......I can't wait to send you your next package....heh heh heh. Good luck with your beading project - it will be stunning!
-Your Secret Pal