Saturday, February 12, 2005

Goodies for me...

The LYS had a 10% off last Sunday as well as a Stash Sale.

I decided to go and pick up some things for my Secret Pals as well as see what people were selling. Most of the yarn they were selling was old and things like Red Heart. Some were selling more upscale yarn but it was odd colors.

I did find Knitting on the Edge and got it for $15 bucks. The dust cover had some wear on the edges but that was all.

I picked up 2 colors of 6/o's to make a row counter bracelet, I found the pattern on line but really did not care for the style nor the fact it uses larger beads on elastic string. Mine is going to be on a narrow leather cord with the 6/o's. I will post pictures when it is complete. I need to go hunting for the leather cord in my bead room.

The Lorna's Lace yarn was not a planned buy. I have been eyeing it every time I walked into the store but it was rather pricey. But some people used that nasty peer pressure and I ended up buying it.

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Purchases from Super Bowl Sunday

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Beads for a Row Counter

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