Sunday, February 13, 2005

Beading Map....

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Beading Map

This is the next project...knitting is going to have to slow down a bit. I have to finish this by April when Trinity is making an stop here. I know the beading map is not very impressive or very visible. I don't work from that any how, I work from a written instruction very much like knitting line by line, only instead of K2 P1 I get DB001 (54) DB002(3). Very exciting. This project is going to use some 45,000 beads give or take in some 214 colors. Lot of colors I know, means I am going to have to order some delicas. Such a trial ordering beads. Unlike most of my projects this one is going to be done on a loom ( I think I need to see if I like it) in two pieces then attached. Reason--I am hemming and hawing on a mirrex loom. So I will use what I have.

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