Sunday, February 27, 2005

I's sick...

I got sick this Friday. Started of with sniffles. So now I am coated in Vapor Rub, medicated to the gills, and remember why breathe right strips are godsent.

But with illness has come clarity on my second sock. I messed up on the toe. Well dang, knew it didn't look right. But I do not have to frog. Nope no frogging needed. Why because one of my feet my toe is more boxy than the other. So I need it more squarelike toe.

So my socks will have feet designations.

Well, things have gotten interesting. I didn't do as well as I would have liked on my Logic test...but I am sick and running a fever now. I don't think logically under the best conditions. So, this was no fun.

When I finished my test, I went back to working on my sock. And I kid you not I looked at it as said. "How do I purl?"

Then when I started I tried to turn my heel in the middle of the thing. Luckly, the yarn changing color made me realize something was wrong 5 stitches into it.

But some good news and bad news...
The Good. I am getting my Mirrix loom ( I have been wanting one for ages and I have some extra money from the car repairs that were not needed.

Ain't she lovely! Posted by Hello

Now the bad news is- they place that has the best price does not have them in stock. And the person I could get it from has it for $30 more without including tax...which translates to $30 less to spend on beads. I have waited over 2 years to buy her I think I can wait a bit longer. Though I am going to call and ask when they expect them.


Anonymous said...

How dee do there!! I hope you are feeling better soon. Bummer about your loom. I hope they come into stock again soon......I have something I need to get in the mail to you soon...heee heee

-Your Secret Pal (I feel like a sports announcer everytime I write that :D!)

Yarngirl said...

I hope you feel better soon- I love vapor rub - been living on it for 3 weeks now at night. Just can't shake this flu/cold thing. I hope yours goes away faster. Beauty of a loom - I had the same situation when I bought my Norwood and I just plunked the money down and hunkered down and waited - sometimes we have to wait so we can afford to buy the material to USE it! Good Luck!