Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Tale of the Box...

Somewhere out in the Wild Wild West there is a SP who sent me a BOX.

The Box...
That has been calling me and taunting me all night....

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It's is open... and underneath...

OOoohhh Ahhhh
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Some lotions and body wash (I LOVE PHILOSOPHY products) in a zip lock (which has been put to use already hosting some PMC items I need to fire), a Lovely heart container, some candy and a mystery package under it.

The Goods (sorry listening to The Fully Monty)
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In the mystery package was a lovely aqua colored bag inside a pair of folding scissors, a needle holder and some stitch markers.

Stitch Markers. I love them. They are gorgeous. I love the green and blue color combination. Now I got to figure out what to make so I can use them.
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Who shall remain a mystery longer...because someone got to my package in the middle of the night and removed the postal stickers...something about me studying Crime Scene Techology and a mystery to solve. So All I know my SP is in the Wild Wild West. Which means any package I get will have the postage labels removed before I even see it. It sucks to be the last one home from work... a mystery.

Hmm next time maybe I should dust the package first.

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