Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New Knit.1 on Thursday...

www.knit1mag.com has some previews of the new Knit.1. I have to admit I liked some of the items from the first edition mainly the patterns from the City Capers section. I am going to have to find the new addition this weekend.

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I know I will by a copy because I like this Hat but not the beaded flower thingy. I don't know if I would do it in this bright of color. But Elann's has some yarn on sale next week that I think would be perfect for it.

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Urban Cowgirl?!?...my she (?) is rather manly looking... When I clicked on the the preview section this picture popped up with the title Urban Cowgirls. It looks more like a cowboy than a cowgirl. Actually, if he was not blond and had short hair his face reminds me of Patrick Wilson...or it could be the fact I am listening to the Phantom of the Opera and the Full Monty soundtracks.

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Oh my what is up with that hair?!? Talk about Texas style big hair. It looks like a very whacked out mullet. My hair would laugh if I tried to do that with this pin straight hair I have. I am not crazy about what she is wearing either. Perfect if you are a hanger but if you have a bust...

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Sarita said...

But...look at his or her legs! That has to be a man...maybe Urban Cowgirls can knit that for their Urban Cowguys...(I totally see the Patrick Wilson thing....)