Monday, February 21, 2005

Massive Update...aka got the camera working again

Huge Update in the Making...

Have camera will take tons of pics (got rechargeable batteries for it finally). Click on the image for a larger picture.

First off Sock Update:

I have done the foot of one sock and done my very first heel. I think it came out okay.

Could it be better yes, will I frog it to make it better NOO.

These are my learning pair. When I learn something new I tend not to obsess with perfection. It's the technique I am interested in.

I cast on for the other sock and is it looking better, yes. Can I live with them being odd, yes...

Mardi Gras bag Update
I have done a whopping 6 rows on it tonight.

Beading does not go fast with patterns with several colors. And this only has 20. The Trinity will have over 100. Most I have done so far has been 119 and it got ripped apart, beads sorted and will be redone- the stitch didn't suit the pattern.

Check out how stiff it is odd. There is nothing holding it open like that but beads and thread. Only with Delica beads do I get things this stiff. I could go down to a single ply of thread but I don't know about that. Usually, I don't do amulet pouches in Delicas instead I make them flat peyote instead. It is pretty light so far so I'm not to worried about the weight.

This bag.

I found her in my bead stashed tucked away waiting for me to figure out what kind of neck strap I will use. She is pretty. But I don't really care for her. Gold is not my color. Seriously, when I started beading everyone said I should sell all the bodies it was making. I hate embellishing them I like making the bodies. Mainly, because I am a minimalist at heart and some embellishments can get fufu-ie. But I like making the actual bodies. Hmmm Body Bags by Kam-Might work.

Misc Stuff:

Here is my working bead tray, I have no clue why it is still this neat. Might be because I move all the little beads back to their homes when they decide to visit. Most of my friends hate working out of trays like these. And they are the ones at the end of the night scooping up one color of beads from their velux pads. I'd like to see them try it with 20 colors.

Speaking of Beads... here is what over $300 dollars in delicas look
like...well the top layer. Not very impressive. But those are just my Delicas (at least I think that is all of them).

Knitting with beads...I have bought a kit. It was on clearance and now I see why.

They are 8/0's from the looks of it. They are laying on top of the gold bag
which is a combo of 11/0s and 6/0s

Funny: Read this comment about rough along as I have beaded I have never came across a seed bead that would cause fraying to a thread other than bugles unless they were big beads who should not be on thread. And how does one cut off a glass bead? I have busted them with pliers but never cut one off.

Also check out the thread, I have never had good results with this type of thread with normal beading (translate: Breaks, knots, etc. Avoid at all costs). So now the quest begins to find something to knit with that is not this nasty thread.

Will I ever knit a garment with No matter how many people tell me that I should. I probably won't why...beads really hate to be washed. All the really cool beads that people tend to go OOOH AHHH over have treated surfaces and those surfaces will come off with just wear. Now imagine washing them. Seriously, if you want to put beads in a garment look at them first. Make a swatch and wash it and abuse it. If the colors hold up then they should be fine. Stick to the opaque and transparent beads without surface finishes. Beads really don't like abuse.

My current favorites that I have made:

Starting at the bottom:
These beads all came from a Purple Bead Swap
Seed beads and black rice pearls
Swar. crystals ( I saw this bracelets for sale and decided to make my own)
Another caterpillar bracelets in blues and greens.

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Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

OMG. I think beading would make me go blind. Beautiful projects, though!

Your sock is looking great! What sock pattern are you using for the toe-up socks? I like the heel treatment a lot. I agree... NO frogging!