Monday, February 21, 2005

Because I can....

And she will never read it...I hope.

I am teaching my good friend (here by known as A) how to knit. A is very enthusiastic about it-translate she laughs very evilly when ever she is practicing and I am helping. It is a good sign. Unless of course one hears a loud scream...If so please come and check on me. My fingerprint kit is in my lower drawer on the left.

Now I know you are all asking yourselves why I am bringing it up.

I was at the LYS and a gentleman there was talking about how amazed he was with his wife knitting with needles that looked like tooth picks. And it jogged a memory which I just had to share.

Last year, I talked A into coming to a knit gathering at the LBS (Local Book Store). She said she didn't know how to knit. I said it would be fun and you can show off that blanket you are crocheting. We arrive and she is sitting there in awe as everyone is knitting and showing her what she is working on. Suddenly, I feel a tugging on myself. A leans over and in a not so whisper voice whispers, "Look at that!" I glance over and see a fellow knitter knitting socks on double points, incredibly fast I might add. I explain they are double pointed needles so you can work in the round. She was like Wow.

I go back to talking with someone about her project when there is a loud gasp. A exclaims "YOU CAN KNIT WITH THOSE?"
We all look over and someone had pulled out a project with some toothpicks holding her stitches along with a box.

A is looking at me wide eyed.

"You can knit with toothpicks?"

Needless to say everyone had a good laugh.

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Glitzy said...

ha ha ha..that's really funny.

Have you ever made any knitted bead bags or amulet purses?