Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Stash 1/29

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I deserve this after a DEC meeting

This is stash additions from 1/29, I had to be in Orlando for a District
Executive Council meeting for Toastmasters. I left the meeting after lunch because I had to be some where else in the early evening. But I was able to stop by 2 stores in Winter Park. The first one I was not impressed by and picked up nothing. The second one I only picked up some sock yarn and some Lamb's Pride Bulky. I went because they were suppose to be a Rowan store. I guess if you count they had 2 pattern books and Big Wool there, then they are one. They had some nice sock yarns that I have not seen else where but I don't know if I
would go back They don't put prices on the yarn, but above the opening on a card. Sometimes several cards and you have to kind of figure it out. If you keep your store picture perfect it might work but things were not where they should have been. I would have bought more but I couldn't figure out the price on it.

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Sock Yarn upclose

It came with it's own matching reinforcement yarn.

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